Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Space - "Magic Fly" b/w "Ballad for Space Lovers" - Italy 1977

This single was purchased at a used bookstore in Rome, Italy, less than 10 minutes' walking distance from Vatican City.  From the sacred to the profane, eh?

The hope was that this was some late glam stomper or a "Space Oddity"-type cosmic rock ballad.  No such luck; side A is a synthy instrumental probably meant to be played as a disco dance tune, and the flip is a less interesting instrumental synth ballad that at times reminds me of the theme from Last Tango in Paris.  I'm not even sure how I recall that, never having seen the movie but having seen the trailer once or twice.  I suppose the melody made an impression as images of a chubby, aging Marlon Brando were burned into my brain.

The faster side is interesting enough to merit inclusion on the blog, and might appeal to fans of the less funky tracks of Kraftwerk, or maybe even Depeche Mode.  The pic sleeve is a winner, and one wonders which part of speech "Fly" is in this context.  Just three posts in and I've already introduced a genre beyond the bounds I laid out for the blog, although in fairness I bought the record hoping for a rock gem and now maybe you won't make the same error if this doesn't float your boat.  Once I started playing a side on the wrong speed and it sounded equally interesting and slightly menacing.

This was likely a producer's studio project.  No musicians are listed and the composition is by "Ecama", no first name listed.  Between that name, the Vogue label apparently being Italian, most of the language on the label and sleeve being Italian and finding the record in Italy I conclude, using my advanced cognitive powers, that this was probably of Italian origin.  If someone knows otherwise, do tell.

This is one of a number of singles I picked up at this store at 4-for-10 euros, most of which will eventually end up here.

Blast off to '70s Euro-electronic-discoland here.

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