Sunday, January 16, 2011


Welcome to the dancehall!

After having drunk deep from the wells of endless awesome rare tracks the past several years, caringly provided by hundreds of anonymous rock-crazed music bloggers, I finally enter the party from the supply end.

Please feel free to add comments about the music, ask questions and what have you.

The aim of the blog is to shine a light on releases in the punk, garage, psych, other and related rock genres released primarily in the 1960s-1980s.  I will attempt to post those items from my collection that I have not yet seen elsewhere, and/or releases I can provide a higher quality rip from than what I've heard.

The blog roll contains many of my favorite blogs which themselves alone hold more music than anyone could ever reasonably hear in a lifetime.  Enjoy this addition to the buffet!  If you like what I'm doing feel free to link to this blog.

I will be zipping folders with 7-Zip, which is available for free download at that link.  You can unzip them with same.

Extra special thanks to my wife for finally providing me with a digitizing unit that works!  Hooray!

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